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Bubble Blaster Series

Reef Octopus made a breakthrough in 2009 by designing a pump specially for protein skimmers. Return pumps on the market are designed to pump water. Their inlet/outlet connections are small to achieve higher pressures. Our Bubble Blaster pumps have much larger inlet/outlet connections to allow a larger volume of air and water to flow through at a lower pressure. This not only increases the air handling capacity of the pump but also allows smaller bubbles to maintain its size which is only possible at a lower pressure. High volume and low pressures translate to a more stable bubble production pushing the performance of protein skimmers to the next level.
Using rare earth magnet we are able to cut electric consumption by nearly 50%. The clear volute cover allows you to easily see if there is anything stuck in the impeller which is the most common problem for reduced performance.
2 years warranty on the Bubble Blaster pumps means that we use nothing but the best.